New Beginnings…

So today marks the first day of going full time in our business of Semester Student Planner! An accomplishment which has taken an incredible amount of hard work.

The purpose of this blog is not to have a ‘look at us moment’ (although I am feeling rather proud of ourselves), but more so to demonstrate how following the principles laid out in the Semester Student Planner has helped us get there.

You see, we have not just created a product and business simply as ‘something to do’, or as a ‘fast track’ to money and wealth, we have created something which we genuinely believe can change lives.

At the core of the Semester Student Planner is personal growth and wellbeing, and to get to the stage we have, has required ourselves to follow these principles on a daily basis.

For example, the first port of call involved us establishing a ‘vision’, this involved creating an idea of what we wanted our lives to look like, as well as creating a vision for our business. This is one of the first stages of the Semester Student Planner.

Following this, we then had to set ourselves some goals. We started with lifetime goals, then working back over to yearly, followed by Semester one and two. Giving ourselves a set of targets to reach at each of these milestones. My biggest goal of the year this year was to go full time in the business by the end of December 2022 and we have reached this four months ahead of schedule. This has not been easy and it has taken lot of bumps on the way, but the reason we keep banging the drum on goal setting, and speaking about it so passionately, is because we genuinely believe these principles work. This is another example of this work coming into fruition.

Our goal setting went further than this, by understanding what our motivations behind our goals were, it allowed us to stay on track on those days which were more challenging. The Semester Student Planner allows you to delve into this topic further.

Then we worked on our new self. What were our values and standards we were going to hold ourselves to? What would it take for us to make these goals come to fruition?

We then had to work on our habits. What new habits would it take for us to reach our goal? By following the habit tracker laid out within the planner, it helped us assess this on a week-by-week basis. The Semester Student Planner also has a habit tracker checkbox within the day page, this is to give ourselves a reminder to go back to this. Therefore, we were reminded to keep on track with our habits daily. The underlying message being that this outcome has not been achieved by luck; it has been achieved by following the principles laid out within the framework of the planner.

Most important was our daily ‘focused few’, a set of daily actions which we were going to take to bring us closer to achieving our goals. Sales and marketing, establishing relationships, writing blogs, being active on social channels and more. Setting out three key actions each day to move us closer to our goals and stop us being side tracked by everything fighting for our attention.

The reason I am writing this blog is to show you first hand that if you follow the principles laid out in the Semester Student Planner, you can also achieve your own personal goals and life visions. We are far from a finished article (you never are), but we really believe in the principles we teach.

We are former students; we know the challenges that you face. However, we want to be walking examples to other students that you really can achieve your life’s goals and ambitions and we believe that if you adopt the ideologies that we teach, then you can move that little bit closer.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” –Lawrence J. Peter

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