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Your very own home to the Semester Framework and all of your new and empowering #GrowthHacks. Use this area to maximise your planner and create the academic life of success and fulfilment that you deserve. 


How to use the planner


We’re more than just a planner!

Come back to this section each week to find the science behind each of your #GrowthHacks and extra tips and tricks on how you can maximise each of them for your own unique needs. 

General Wellbeing & Growth Hub

“An education is not so much about making a living as making a person”

- Tara Westover


It all begins with setting your goals. This will provide you with a roadmap for your future academic achievements. Create your own direction.


The next step is to take daily action on your goals. The Planner will support you in doing this with the focused few and your daily routines.


The final step is the best one! Consistently reach your goals and exceed your greatest dreams. No more overwhelm…just success and fulfilment instead.


This is the secret element of the planner that will help you begin to live a life of fulfilment and growth throughout your studies.

A Growth Hack is included in the planner at the start of every week, setting you an assignment to learn skills and instil habits that will take you on your journey of personal growth.

Each Growth Hack will help you to introduce new wellness habits as well as personal development practices that will help you increase productivity and obtain a life full of success and fulfilment.

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After experiencing the profound effect personal development and daily action could have on both academic achievements and personal growth, the founders of this planner believed that all students should know the secrets to success and living a life of fulfilment.