About Us

“Act as if it were impossible to fail”

- Dorothea Brande

Semester Student Planner

Semester is here to help you avoid overwhelm during your academic journey and to empower you to accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

The three-part yearlong framework will allow you to set clear and meaningful goals for each semester, plan and execute your studies with intention, reflect on your achievements, all of which will allow you to thrive and succeed to your full potential

Semester is the only personal growth planner created specifically with students in mind.

When will you start your student journey to more success and fulfilment?

The Semester Solution

Here is a little insight into the Semester solution that helped two former students reach more success and fulfilment in their studies and using the framework they have created now so can you.

Modern day students are under significant pressure to succeed with an ever-greater expectation to obtain higher grades whilst still enjoying the student life.

As a student are you tired of the following daily issues of #StudentLife?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your studies?
  • Constantly stressed, managing a mountain of assignments.
  • Finding yourself procrastinating and missing deadlines.
  • Lack of progress towards achieving your academic goals.
  • Never enough time in the day. 
  • Lack of motivation and not fulfilled by your studies.

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining who we are”

Oprah Winfrey

With Semester it is possible to take back control through planning, prioritizing, and programming! By using the Semester Framework and following the weekly #GrowthHacks you can ditch the above issues and replace them with the following life changing benefits.

  • Direction and purpose in your studies. 
  • Achieving your goals on a regular basis. 
  • Reduced stress and improved wellbeing. 
  • Focused and productive.
  • Motivated and fulfilled by your studies. 
  • Become the best possible version of yourself.

Prepare to Succeed

Our premium line of tinctures, topicals and softgels contain everything they should,
 and nothing they shouldn’t.

After experiencing the profound effect personal development and daily action could have on both academic achievements and personal growth, the founders of this planner believed that all students should know the secrets to success and living a life of fulfilment.

Stress among students is exceptionally high with 87% of students experiencing stress throughout their studies. This stress is typically trigged by course deadlines, balancing studies & personal commitments, academic performance, social pressures…the list goes on. In todays society the pressure to succeed grows ever larger and as University tuition becomes more expensive the stakes become ever bigger.

Our vision is to create a culture of personal growth and success amongst students, and to help them live a life of fulfilment and achieve their greatest dreams.

It is for this reason that the team at Semester have created a student lifestyle planner to support the under represented group that is students in their goal of success. Many personal development frameworks focus on groups that have already failed, however at Semester we believe that rather than starting the cycle with setbacks you should learn to succeed from the very start.


We hope that you will join us on this journey and become part of the Semester movement.


Frequently Asked Questions

So what’s it all really about? Why is this planner any different from any other planner out there and will it really help me achieve more success and fulfilment on my academic journey? To help with that here are a few answers to some of our frequently asked questions…

Personal growth is the growth and enhancement of all aspects of a person’s life. By working on your personal growth daily you are far more likely to reach your true potential as a student. Personal growth is the key to unlocking your full potential…rather than just a little of it like most institutions old and rigid techniques!

Much like your physical wellbeing it is extremely important to look after our mental wellbeing. Sometimes also referred to as mental health, this is the element of your academic life that is proven to not get enough attention. On average students score lower than average on all wellbeing measures. This coupled with the fact student wellbeing services are bursting at the seams means that it is more essential that ever to work on your own mental wellbeing regularly…and we’ve got just what you need for that!

This is the part of the planner that really sets it apart…and it’s not actually in the planner. Each week new content will become available on the website that will help you dive into that weeks #GrowthHack. There is only so much that we can fit in the planner so we wanted to offer you that little extra in the form of Joe and Nathan, Semester’s founders. Both former students who did their academic journey the hard way, are on hand with in depth content to help you get the most from your planner. Blogs, video tutorials and webinars are just a selection of the content that will be available to your when you buy a Semester Student Planner.

For us Semester is not just about providing you with an academic planner to create another home for your to-do list. It is much greater than that. On top of providing you with the necessary wellbeing and growth tools to take your academic journey to the next level, we also want to create a community of likeminded students who support each other with their own journeys. Our vision is that this community will help turn the tide on students declining wellbeing and help us to support more students in thriving and succeeding to their fullest potential.

Yes, at Semester we are committed to always learning and as such we provide a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the planner and aren’t seeing the benefits from the Semester framework, we will let you return the planner and refund you in full. All we ask is for your honest feedback so that we can make Semester better for everybody in the future.