The effects of ChatGPT on students!

ChatGPT has recently become popular, and a lot of students have been taking advantage of this tool to help out with their schoolwork. For this reason, some people worry that ChatGPT might affect students learning and academic performance. 

What is Chat GPT?


GPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that has been trained to understand human language and respond to it. You know how you talk to your phone sometimes and it gives you answers? Well, that’s kind of like what ChatGPT is, but way more advanced. This AI tool pulls data from search engines to be able to respond to the questions asked.


AI language model, ChatGPT can help you in a lot of ways with your school work. Here are some ways how:

  • Research: ChatGPT can help you find legit sources for your assignments by answering questions and giving suggestions on where to look for info.
  • Ideas: If you’re stuck on what to write, ChatGPT can throw some ideas and suggestions your way to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Writing skills: ChatGPT can give you feedback on grammar, style, and sentence structure to help you improve your writing skills and create better assignments.
  • Understanding: If you’re struggling with a tough concept, ChatGPT can give you an explanation and answer your questions to help you understand it better.
  • Time-saving: ChatGPT can save you time by giving you quick and accurate answers, leaving you more time to work on other parts of your assignment.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. ChatGPT can also have negative effects on students.

If you’re thinking about using ChatGPT to do your school work, you better watch out. Using that thing to write your essays or reports without giving credit can get you in big trouble with your university or college. Schools take plagiarism seriously and they’re always on the lookout for it. They might use fancy software to check for copied or improperly sourced material in your work. And if they catch you using ChatGPT to cheat or plagiarise, you could be in for some serious consequences, like getting a zero on the assignment or even getting kicked out of school.

So, make sure you use ChatGPT responsibly and don’t try to pass off its work as your own. Always cite your sources and give credit where it’s due. And if you’re not sure whether it’s okay to use ChatGPT for a particular assignment, it’s better to be safe than sorry and ask your teacher or professor first.

Don’t forget that ChatGPT is just a tool to help you out. You still gotta put in the work to make sure your assignments are original, well-researched, and meet the requirements set by your teachers. So, to avoid plagiarism use ChatGPT as a resource but don’t rely on it too much.

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