GROWTH HACK – Assess your time!

“You’re not busier than anyone else… we all get 168 hours in a week, use them well” – Michael Hyatt 

You have that assignment to focus on, your are working the, weekend and you really should go to the gym… there are just not enough hours in the day… wrong 

Although we have all been guilty of saying ‘there are not enough hours in the day’ the truth is you are just not managing your time effectively. One of the best ways to start managing it better is to gain a true understanding of where you are spending your time.  

Included within the Semester Student Planner is a diagram which looks to break down the 168 hours we have each week. 

We believe my doing this it allows you to see a visual representation of where you are spending your time. 

The truth is, we all have commitments that take time. What we must learn to do is carefully manage these.  

Where you spend your time demonstrates your priorities. For example, if you have an important assignment coming up and you choose to go out partying instead (been there and done that) then you are essentially saying, partying is more important than this assignment. That’s the truth.  

We are not saying you should not go out and socialise (You should). However, what we must do is learn to consciously manage our time better. By strategically planning your time correctly, you can find balance in your life. Imagine if you didn’t leave your assignment to the last minute and instead you set a goal, and then worked on this goal over a period of time. It may just get to the week before hand in and you are already finished! You can go out and celebrate.  

Time management is something we hear about a lot and for good reason. Those who manage their time well get things done. The most successful people manage their time well. 

This means saying no to things…  

This means sometimes having to make sacrifices… 

This means getting clear on what is a priority to them… 

It is a skill that can be taught. Sometimes, it is something as simple as planning the time within the day so that you own your time and it does not own you. The Semester Student Planner has a daily time schedule for this. 

It involves identifying your priorities, the focused few within the planner helps you with this. 

We get that university life can be demanding and stressful, but by taking back ownership or your time and taking control, you can just give yourself a little bit of a helping hand. 

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