Your Semester Growth Setting 🎯

Prior to beginning each week, you will be met with our GROWTH SETTING page.

This is all about just that, SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR GROWTH, setting the intentions for this week’s personal growth.

Firstly, you will set your FOCUSED FEW. This is all about setting three important tasks for the forthcoming week.

This is ‘your vital 3’ and it is massively important as it is going to set you up for a powerful week.

“Where focus goes energy flows” (Tony Robbins) is one of my go to quotes and for good reason. Where we direct our focus, determines where we put our energy. Therefore, if we are serious about growing in a specific area, we need to set the intentions to make sure this area is focused on. This is why it is included in this space. Valuable time can be wasted on trivial tasks with little importance that will not take you to your ultimate goals. What they will actually do is either pull you further away from your ultimate goals or support someone else’s (more on this further down).

The focused few aims to eradicate that by getting on point with what absolutely needs doing. It is a key part of the growth setting page. When setting yourself your focused few ask yourself…

  • Where am I looking to grow this week?
  • What three tasks will help me grow on a personal level and help me move forward towards my goals?

This will then determine the tasks that you should really choose.

After getting specific and setting your FOCUSED FEW, you will be met with your #GROWTHHACK for the week. Our GROWTH HACKS are the weekly personal growth and wellbeing skills that we will teach you. These skills are what will take you to the next level on your academic journey.

They will range from wellbeing practices through to productivity techniques and all the way to performance hacks to help you obtain more success and fulfilment in your studies. If you are serious about your personal growth and increasing that degree by one or two levels, then you need to pay attention to this area.

The reason it is included in your growth setting page is that we want it to be a key part of your upcoming week where you will work on it daily to learn another study life skill. Within each of your growth hacks you will either have space to make notes or a task to fill in. Commit to it and make the effort to try and make the growth hack something that is foundational to your coming week.

We understand that not every growth hack will be for you but try a range of them and see if they benefit you. Our job here is to consistently guide and coach you about the significant benefits of personal growth. We have seen this ourselves and we are walking examples. I (Nathan) would of definitely left university with a 2:2 if I had carried on the way I originally approached university…instead I walked out with a 1st. However, don’t just take our word for it…these techniques are proven by science…

One study done by the International Coach Federation gathered the comments and opinions of 210 coaching clients. They found:

  • 33.8% of the clients became healthier and fitter…
  • 33.3% had enriched their relationship with their family…
  • And 25.7% of them left their vices and bad habits behind...

Research on Personal Development: What is it Showing and Why Does it Matter? (

These changes happened as a result of each person devoting time to personal growth, which demonstrates its value. Your university or college teaches you plenty about your area of study, but from what we experienced there is just no room for this kind of learning in the curriculum and this is absolutely what will set you apart from the crowd.

The two key principles discussed here are part of your growth setting page as we want them to be fresh in your mind as you approach your new week.

  • The FOCUSED FEW to provide direction and intention for the week ahead.
  • The GROWTH HACK to help you unlock your full potential and set you apart from the general crowd.

It is only ourselves that can determine our progress by the tasks we set and the action we take each and every day. We also develop and grow by building our knowledge and skill set, not only in your course of study but also in the life skills you gain whilst at university or college. Your growth setting page is all about applying both of these principles and setting yourself up for a successful week ahead.

So…what are you waiting for? Start your growth setting and begin your Semester journey of more success and fulfilment.

What will your FOCUSED FEW be and will you start working on becoming the best version of yourself? With the Semester Student Planner the power is in your hands.


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