Some advice on building habits…

I wanted to start this week with writing a blog about habits.

I will start this blog by saying I have had just had a one full week of POOR HABITS. A poor diet, increased alcohol intake, no exercise and I have been a bit of a slob!

However, prior to this week, I had just completed a full fight camp which meant extremely strict dieting and exercise. Eight weeks of habitual training and clean eating and many positive habits. I was very much looking forward to loosening the shackles. Life is all about balance right?

Now this week is over. I am back looking at my habits again. The food choices, increase in alcohol and lack of exercise has left me feeling extremely sluggish! (As would be expected!) 

If you fill your body with rubbish… you’re going to feel rubbish. I knew this was coming and I was totally ok with it!

When it comes to building habits one thing I always say to people is… “one bad day does not need to be a bad week, one bad week does not need to be a bad month and one bad month does not need to be a bad year”.

Just because I had one week of poor habits it does not mean that I cannot change them for the better again.  Plus, these habits were my choice to!

At any given point in time, we can assess our habits and start looking to build new habits into our routine if we wish too! Just as quickly we can build poor habits and fall into this routine, it is just as quick to change them and start focusing on better, more encouraging habits. This is what I am going to be doing again. I enjoyed this last week, but I am looking forward to building the positive habits back into my routine. Sometimes we just need a total reset.

I write this blog to help you realise the same. Just because you skipped your study day yesterday, it does not mean you are now a poor student. It just means you are human!

Even if you had an ‘off week’ and you never got round to doing the work which you promised you would, you can still alter that now! It only becomes an issue if you fall into the routine of these regular bad habits. If you repeatedly miss your study days, then you a building a poor habit into your routine.

Take alcohol for me, I drink significantly less than I used to. I purposely planned out some nights this week, but now I am fully back on board with another alcohol abstinence. It has been fun, but now I am happy to go back to my non-alcoholic versions and reclaiming my energy.

When it comes to your life, whatever habits you want to build is up to you. However, I want you to understand you can start shifting your habits and routine as soon as you make the decision to. I am far from perfect, but I have got much better with things. 

I have used my habit tracker included within the Semester Student Planner and I have set myself some new habits for this week ahead. I have set some for the month ahead. I know that I will stick to them. A habit tracker is so important to me as it allows me to view my habits and it also holds me accountable to them.

I also use the ‘morning routine’ and ‘shutdown routine’ trackers included within the Semester Student Planner to group these habits into specific routines, which again for me, makes things easier.

The same goes for you. If you are looking to build in some positive habits to your routine then you can start right now. Take action on something today. Then again, the next day. Then the day after that. Before you know it… you are in a habit of something positive and this is how it works.

I just wanted to share this with you as I think it is important advice. I understand that I can make the choice at any single time to get ‘back on track’ and get focused on the habits that I want to build. So here is to a new week, a new week of positive habits and to reclaiming my energy back!

What positive habits are you going to start building this week?

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