Do you want to be an average student? Or do you want to excel?

As we grow our presence with Semester, we are starting to work more directly with students in a teaching capacity.

Now I am not pointing the finger at ALL students here, as for us, there needs to be some changes in the full education system and this involves changes from staff and universities as a whole (But that is for another blog)

However, from some of my observations working with SOME students (again not all) I have noticed a few things which I cannot seem to get my head around.

A lack of personal accountability

It’s a rubbish assignment, a pointless seminar, they were late because of X Y Z and many other issues…

Sometimes, the truth is, you just have to stand up and own that you were perhaps wrong.

It is up to you to get your assignment in on time! Nobody else. Creating a system of blame just eliminates the power from yourself. It is very easy to fall into this trap (and we sometimes still fall victim to it).

However, ask yourself… Is there something ‘I’ could have done better?  As a student, what could you do to support yourself?

What is the point in reflection?

Again, SOME students do not see the value at all. I do not expect everyone to adopt our values either. However, we believe to dismiss all self-reflection is a big mistake.

Reflection is all about assessing how you could improve? What went well? What worked, what didn’t? It is critical to both our wellbeing and our performance in our opinion.

The Semester Student Planner is full of reflection tools. Daily reflection, weekly reflection, reflecting on your wins, reflecting on what you learned.

For us, it comes down to… do you want to be average? Or do you want to excel?

What is the point in personal growth?

Again, some students do not adopt this way of thinking. A lot of people in general do not adopt this way of thinking. However, the best leaders in the world recognise its importance.

As a point… nobody is perfect. Nobody at all. We are not supposed to be. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes.

However, we can all do better. There are areas in your life and your studies which you know you can improve. As a student there are things you know you can get better at.

If you don’t want to do this work, then this is ok. But I ask you again, do you want to be average or do you want to excel?

We know first-hand the tools we teach within the Semester Student Planner are valuable personal growth tools as we have used them first hand!

We read the best books from the best leaders across the world and they all talk about some of the challenges and obstacles they have overcome. Their visions. Their goals.

This is all personal growth.

Another thing I will say is you do not need to be a student!  A lot of the best leaders in the world dropped out of higher education as they seen its flaws! You can still succeed without a degree!

University might not be for you. However, if you are here. You have spent a lot of money? You can happily sail into a 2:2 doing minimal effort and being another average student (Which will not make you stand out in a job interview), or you could excel and learn the skills which are going to serve you much greater in your studies and beyond.

We believe that when you apply the principles in Semester Student Planner you will improve your overall performance. It allows you to be more organised, to set goals, to critically reflect, set good habits and learn valuable tools within the personal growth field.

If you have no interest in this type of work, then this is totally fine. However, we believe all leaders and people who excel in their field adopt these principles. This is why we want to teach you it. We also do not believe enough of this is taught in the education system.

I suppose the question for you is… do you want to be average? Or do you want to excel?

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