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So, in every blog post so far it has all been about personal growth techniques and tools to take your academic journey to the next level! I mean this is our passion so you cant blame us for that 😂!

However, we felt it was time for something a little bit different today. We felt that it was time to introduce ourselves and give you an insight into the study journey we went on!

There are two parts to Semester (Nathan and Joe) and today’s blog is on…me…co-founder Joe.

Cue a professional looking linkedIn in photo of me…

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So how did I get here? With such a passion for this subject of personal growth and a desire to build semester to help others.

Well to begin… I am a former student myself. Attending Teesside University and graduating with an MSc in Sports Science! As a result of this, I understand all about the University process. The challenges, the stresses and the highs and lows

However, for me, post university the story is a little bit different… 

I expected to leave University and ‘the world would be my oyster’, to go on to pursue my dream career, or at least that’s how I thought it was supposed to be. However, the truth is, it was quite the opposite. I was empty, lost and deeply unfulfilled.

In keeping this short, this led to depression and regular counselling, and it kickstarted a desire to improve my own wellbeing

I became obsessed in the world of personal growth, self-discovery and finding out what made me tick. 

This has then resulted in a passion to help others. We constantly talk about wanting to lead you to live a life of fulfilment and the reason this is so strong is because I have experienced the complete opposite. 

Although I do still have my mental health challenges, I have found the world of personal growth to be so life transforming that I feel I owe sharing my story to the world and helping others see it’s potential to

I am personally driven by a want to better myself, as well as helping others do the same. 

Since leaving University I have started two businesses in personal growth. JoeBloggs (a personal development podcast and service for your everyday person) and Semester Student Planner (the student brand that you see today).

I am also a published author having written a book on the specific subjects of personal growth and wellbeing. This was published by an official book publisher (I will take this bragging right to my grave). If your interested you can find it here…The Book that Became my Counsellor, a Joe Bloggs Guide to Better Wellbeing.

On top of this I have created a podcast, and coached others to find their passion and pursue their personal goals, helping them recognize the potential of this area of study. It is only through personal growth that we truly find out who we are and what we want to be. The education system alone with its exam > reward > exam > reward structure doesn’t really help you to develop this.

I feel like I am just getting started in my own personal ambitions – but this passion for personal growth has given me this lease of life. I am obsessed with it!

I do not have it all worked out nor do I claim to, but I know personal growth is at the forefront of making positive change! It’s why I think every single person should be engaging in it.

Looking for a beginners guide to student personal growth? Check out our latest Ebook here 🎯More Success & Fulfilment this way…

Away from being full throttle in the world of personal growth I am a fairly ‘normal’ guy.

I love taking my dog on walks and I have a big crazy boxer dog…appropriately named rascal!

I love the great outdoors and go on regular hikes and outdoor adventures.

I love travel (when it resumes…f%$k you COVID) and I have travelled to many different countries.

My biggest life goals are to own a camper van and to also travel South America (I have it on vision board in my office – I truly believe it will come true one day).

I love spending time with friends and family. Socialising, drinking pints of lager and I love my food.

I support Middlesbrough football club and love a day at the football.

I love boxing, going to the gym and general sporting activities.

It may seem like I’m writing you the ‘personal interests’ part of my CV here, but it’s definitely worth knowing a little bit about who’s behind the keyboard

I love learning. I am regularly reading books / listening to audiobooks and podcasts. 

In my quirkier side, I am fascinated by space, human consciousness and find human existence fascinating. So, although I said I was ‘normal’, I class myself as a real ‘deep thinker’ and I could talk for hours on the above

I am far from perfect, and still have lots of areas I need to improve in (nobody is perfect) but I genuinely believe personal growth is one of the absolute most fundamental parts of life, it helps me to feel fulfilled and gives me drive and it’s why I speak so passionately about it! 

I want everyone to feel this same passion for whatever topic they love rather than just coasting through university in a system that is not yet built around helping students thrive and succeed to their full potential. To much emphasis remains on just passing exams and we are here to help you with the myriad of other things outside of that.

I want to build a community of likeminded students too, who will inspire each other and push themselves and to reach their goals and desires!


I truly believe that life is too short to spend it doing things that make us unfulfilled, which is why every day I work on my personal goals and ambitions to live a life that is true to me.

Even if everything doesn’t work out as planned, I can rest assured that at least I am giving it a good crack and hopefully entertaining you along the way! 

So that’s it, nice to meet you and now that I’m out the box you will no doubt be seeing a little more of me as as we launch our first set of planners this January! Hopefully you can be part of the first Semester cohort with your very own Semester Student Planner and can begin to create your own academic life of success and fulfilment.

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