4 TIPS for balancing studying and the christmas break!

I thought I would write a short blog post today to offer some advice for students over the Christmas break.

I will start by saying that Christmas should be a time of rest and recovery and we should spend it with our loved ones! This is vital for our wellbeing.

However, if you have the fear of an upcoming assignment or you want to avoid ‘starting again’ in January, here are some easy tips to ensure you can get the best of both worlds.

  1. Do not put everything off with the mentality of ‘I will pick it up next year’ – This is only going to add to feelings of overwhelm and stress. What can you get done now which is going to make your study life that little bit easier come January? It only has to be something small. Included within the Semester Student Planner is our ‘focused few’, this involves three key tasks that need doing each week and day. You do not have to focus on three, but you could try keeping one focused task each day and one key task for each week, this is going to support you in your studies come January.
  1. Swap ONE episode of Netflix for an hour of study time – Yes, we should be fully engaged in Christmas films and indulging in chocolate, but, imagine if you swapped one episode a day on Netflix and used this time to write some of your upcoming assignment? One hour a day over the course of two weeks all adds up. Finish a key task and then the rest of the day is yours to enjoy and you lighten the load when you return to university. Included within the Semester Student Planner is a habit tracker. You can still engage in positive habits even when you are away from university. One hour a day is only a small ask in the grand scheme of a full study day. However, you will thank yourself for it in January.

3. Try to keep some form of routine. Routine helps us in our every day lives. Included within the Semester Student Planner is a morning routine and a shutdown routine. We appreciate the time off can be one of much needed rest and much more hours at home. Its welcomed. We need it! However, try to keep a routine of positive habits. For me, I will still maintain my positive exercise routine as it is key for my wellbeing. If I spend two weeks out of this routine, it is going to make January harder to ‘start again’. This is just my personal example.

4. Make sure you enjoy your break. We are not asking you to spend your full-time off working. Far from it. We welcome the breaks and they are so important for student wellbeing. Embrace this time. Write down all the things you are grateful for. Take these breaks. Taking breaks is so important to excel in our studies. However, we believe personal growth and wellbeing is a way of life and not something you do as and when you feel like it. Therefore, there are still many positive habits we can be doing in our time off to ensure that our studies do not suffer. For me, I will increase my reading time. I enjoy reading. It develops my knowledge too. I will use the break to give myself more time to read. This is both taking a break and developing my skillset at the same time.

I hope these points helped you. Our goal is to help you excel in your studies and learn the key traits required for a successful degree and for your future careers.


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